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Q: What's the strangest place you've ever read Slashdot..
А: In the butt?

And explanation:

For those who don't get the reference, and why it's funny... There
used to be a TV game show in the US called "The Newlywed Game." It
featured recently married couples and the idea was to see how well
they really knew each other. The host would ask the men a question,
and in order to get points, the women would have to guess how their
husband answered. (And vice versa, women would get a question and the
husbands would try to predict their wives' answers.)

Some of the questions were tame, e.g. "Ladies, what is your
favorite type of seafood?" If a guy's wife answered "Shrimp" but he
had predicted "Flounder" they didn't get a point. You get the idea.

Well, on one episode, the question for the ladies was: "What's
the strangest place you've ever made whoopee?" (This was back in the
'70s, you couldn't say "made love" or "had sex" on TV, so they would
say "whoopee.") They were going for answers like "the kitchen table,"
or "the movie theater."

They got to one woman and she answers, "In the butt."

google in 1960


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