Ubuntu resize ext2 (and probably ext3) parition

I have got a new PC for my mom and installed Ubuntu 8.04.

I was somewhat pleasantly surprised by its usability and user friendliness, but also got a nasty surprise, automated installer created a very small ext3 partition for my system and it was fairly difficult to resize it. Most of the advice I found on the Internet related to usage of parted, all kinds of tricks on how to resize and move the file system, however it seemed to be very complicated.

A much simpler solution is to just boot the Ubuntu from live CD and start a program gparted from the command line as follows:

sudo gparted

after that use it's simple UI for resizing and moving the partitions.


Zivile sakė…
nu visai kvaistelejai:) budamas zelandijoj rasai lietuviskai, o budamas lietuvoj rasai angliskai:)))gigantisku picu ir kitu gerybiu valgymas matyt turi salutini poveiki:)
Vilma sakė…
hmm, sėdi Lietuvoj, bet nei laba diena, nei viso gero.... :)
Anonimiškas sakė…
lietuvių kalbos persisotinimas :)

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