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kylixlibs dependencies

Yesterday I tried to fix kylixlibs dependencies problem. kylixlibs rpm no longer depends on libjpeg >= 6b it just depends on libjpeg as some distributions started distributing libjpeg-6.2 or something like that and there is no really easy way to compare all these mixed version numbers. The updated Kylix libs can now be found here:


Created a new utility for recording CD in multi session mode.

Modem is working well again

I have mentioned aproblem I was having with my Intel 536ep modem and new Linux kernel... It appears that the new version of that driver does not work on my machine well. I have downgraded the drivers to version 4.51 and it works fine now. :) If you are in the same situation as myself and can find 4.51 version of drivers nowhere just drop me an e-mail and I'll try to send it to you.


Today I have become an uncle. My brother and his wife gave birth to a baby-girl Ugnė .
Today I have created a small script for Debian which runs apt-get upgrade to find out which packages need updating and then creates several txt files containg list of files which have to be downloaded. It tries to make sure that the set of downloadable files is almost equal to the limits specified. This utility is usefull for me because I can dowload .deb updates at work even though my internet connection at weork is somewhat limited (our sys admin monitors networtk traffic and warns users who download loads of large files).
Some photos from my appartment
Sigis has told me that The 51st State is a good film.
I am having trouble with Intel 536ep modem with Linux 2.4.22... The modem is working fine with the Linux 2.4.20 and it seems to almost work with 2.4.22... I.e. I can dial, I can use internet, but it usually drops the connection in less than 1 minute after connecting... I used gcc-3.3 and gcc-3.2 to build both, kernel and 536ep driver... :( That is weird.
My first post... I'm feelingn just like on slashdot. My other web site is